Immigration Law

CA2 Keeps 'No-Fly List' Lawsuit Alive - Tanvir v. Tanzin

Tanvir v. Tanzin, May 2, 2018 - "Plaintiffs were asked to gather information on members of Muslim communities and report that information to the FBI. In some instances, the FBI’s request was accompanied with severe pressure, including threats of deportation or arrest; in others, the request was accompanied by promises of financial and other assistance. Regardless, Plaintiffs rebuffed those repeated requests, at least in part based on their sincerely‐held religious beliefs. In response to these refusals, the federal agents maintained Plaintiffs on the national “No Fly List,” despite the fact that Plaintiffs “do[] not pose, ha[ve] never posed, and ha[ve] never been accused of posing, a threat to aviation safety.”  ... [W]e hold that RFRA, like Section 1983, authorizes a plaintiff to bring individual capacity claims against federal officials or other “person[s] acting under color of [federal] law.” "