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Immigration Law

Expert: Well-Prepared Asylum Claims Can Win

Aline Barros, VOA News, July 19, 2018 – "Stephen Yale-Loehr of Cornell University, a leading professor of immigration law and facilitator of an asylum clinic at Cornell, said that though there had been changes in asylum policy, people with good cases can still apply.  "But they need to be better prepared than ever before, and they need to make sure their testimony is consistent. … People can still win asylum if they have well-prepared cases," Yale-Loehr said.  "In my experience, most people who apply for asylum do so out of desperation, not because they're trying to game the system," he added. "We have an international commitment to make sure people are not sent back to the place they would be persecuted. It's not just something nice to do, it's our obligation to protect those people." "