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Immigration Law

Expert: Will Congress Give USCIS Enough Authority to Run a 'Points' System?

Trump's push for 'merit-based' immigration may not deliver the benefits he expects - Don Lee, Los Angeles Times, Mar. 13, 2017- "President Trump wants to reform the immigration system to favor foreigners who have special skills that would contribute to the U.S. economy, breaking from a decades-long practice of giving preference to family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. But switching to a “merit-based” system like Canada’s and Australia’s, which Trump endorsed in his speech to Congress recently, is fraught with political landmines and administrative hurdles. ... For a point-based system to work in the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees immigration services, would need to have the authority to make adjustments as Canadian authorities do, said Stephen Yale-Loehr, an immigration attorney and law professor at Cornell University. But, he noted, “Congress traditionally has not been willing to give a lot of power and flexibility to the immigration agency.”