Immigration Law

Navarrette: Morton Memo worthless; Latinos should not be fooled


"In the past few months, I've heard from about a dozen immigration attorneys who have likewise tried to use the Morton memo to spring clients and likewise struck out. As illogical as it sounds, ICE field agents whose job it is to apprehend folks who break the rules for entering the United States seem to be themselves breaking a set of rules laid out by their supervisor.  I have three theories as to what's going on here: The memorandum was written by Morton, or people above him, in a deliberately vague manner to allow local agents to skirt it and continue to rack up deportations; there is massive insubordination within ICE at the local level; or this was a political stunt intended to con Latinos into thinking the Obama administration is being more compassionate and lenient in deportations when really nothing has changed.  ... Write this down: The Morton memo isn't worth the paper it's written on. Latinos shouldn't be fooled into thinking otherwise, and neither should anyone else."

Ruben Navarrette Jr., Oct. 7, 2011