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Immigration Law

Table of Contents from the Mar. 15, 2018 Issue of Bender's Immigration Bulletin

Lead Article: The 1996 Immigration Laws Come of Age - Jennifer M Chacón


Federal Court Decisions

Jennings v. Rodriguez (detention, right to bail hearing)
Marks v. Hochhauser (Hague Convention on the Civil Aspect of International Child Abduction)
Nardea v. Sessions (VWP waiver)
Romero Zambrano v. Sessions (changed circumstances – additional proof for prior claim)
U.S. v. Valdivia-Flores (Wash. drug trafficking as aggravated felony)
Gutierrez Pulido v. Sessions (bond hearing)
Nat’l Venture Capital Ass’n v. Duke (international entrepreneur rule)
Chen v. Geo Group, Inc. (preemption on wages for detainees)

BIA Decisions

Matter of Mendez (misprision of felony as CIMT)
Matter of J-C-H-F- (evaluating interview)

Matter of Alvarado-Mendoza (failure to notify of address)
Matter of Del Risco Perdomo (N.C. assault on child under 12 years as COV)
Matter of X (cancellation of removal, weighing equities)
Matter of R-P-C- (failure to explain reasoning of IJ)

BALCA Decisions

Matter of Dallas Stewart Racing Stable, Inc. (contacting former employees)
Matter of Casse (additional materials with request for review)
Matter of Nelson Lewis, Inc. (H-2B temporary need)
Matter of CTS Technical Services, Inc. (PERM; multiple positions)
Matter of Marlabs, Inc. (lawful, job-related reason to reject U.S. worker)


Federal Register

DOJ EOIR final rule expanding BIA to 21 permanent members
DHS Privacy Office notice of planned rescission of system of records notices

NLRB Document

Oct. 31, 2017, memorandum from NLRB general counsel’s office on threatening students with loss of visas in case of a strike

USCIS Documents

Feb. 22, 2018, PM-602-0157, contracts and itineraries for H-1B petitions involving third-party worksites
Jan. 30, 2018, public affairs office guidance on ending naturalization at Basic Training

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