Immigration Law

A 'New and Dark Era' for Immigration Judges: Quotas and a 'Performance Dashboard'

October 3, 2018 - If you are not yet a daily reader of Ret. Hon. Paul W. Schmidt's blog, "Immigration Courtside," get on board!  Today's blockbuster post includes a memo from The Honorable A. Ashley Tabaddor, President, National Association of Immigration Judges, regarding the new "quota" regime for Immigration Judges.  Please read it in full.  Judge Schmidt concludes: "Everyone who loses a case in this amazingly depressing “kangaroo court” system should file a petition for review citing the inherent Due Process flaw in having a “judge” who can’t possibly function as an “impartial” adjudicator as required both by the Constitution and by DOJ regulations.  Maybe at some point the Article IIIs will fully understand the judicial farce in which they are complicit and act accordingly."