Immigration Law

Court Strikes Down Louisiana Anti-Immigrant Marriage Law: Vo v. Gee

Vo v. Gee - "The unconstitutionality of Act 436 applies to all residents of the State of Louisiana, not just Mr. Vo. The scope of the preliminary injunction order applied to Plaintiff and all similarly situated U. S. citizens who are prevented from obtaining a marriage license under Act 436 (Rec. Doc. 77). This permanent injunction order will do the same. ... Under the equitable powers of this Court IT IS ORDERED that Defendants and their officers, agents, servants and employees are permanently ENJOINED and RESTRAINED from enforcing Act 436 insofar as it unconstitutionally deprives U.S. citizens like Plaintiff and similarly situated U.S. citizens the right to marry based on national origin."

[Hats off to NILC staff attorney Alvaro Huerta!]