Immigration Law

DOL Awards H-1B Physician $234K - Ahad v. Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

DOL, Apr. 13, 2016 - "The principal question in this case is did SIUSM pay Dr. Ahad the “actual wage” for the specific position for which she was hired? ... I find the actual wage for the academic base to be $154,510 a year, or $418,791.12 for an Assistant Professor during Dr. Ahad’s H-1B employment period. Dr. Ahad received just $338,789.60 from SIUSM while she was in H-1B status. In sum, Dr. Ahad experienced a deficit of $237,345.15 – $80,001.52 in her academic base pay and $157,343.63 in her clinical compensation – and did not receive the actual wage for her position. ... Respondent Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is HEREBY ORDERED to pay Dr. Sajida Ahad the sum of $223,884.27 consisting of $80,001.52 for the underpayment of academic base compensation and $143,882.75 for underpayment of clinical compensation, plus prejudgment compound interest on the back pay owed and post-judgment interest until satisfaction in full. The Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division, U.S. Department of Labor, shall make such calculations with respect to back pay and interest necessary to carry out this order."