Immigration Law

OCAHO Reduces I-9 Fine from $26.8K to $10K - Natural Environmental

"The government requests penalties at the rate of $1075.25 for each violation, an amount that falls short of the maximum permissible by only $24.75.  Our case law suggests, however, that penalties so close to the maximum should be reserved for violations more egregious than have been shown here.  See United States v. Fowler Equip. Co., 10 OCAHO no. 1169, 6 (2013); United States v. La Hacienda Mexican Cafe, 10 OCAHO no. 1167, 3 (2013). Considering the record as a whole, the penalties for this small business will be adjusted to an amount closer to the low end of the midrange of permissible penalties and will be assessed at the rate of $400 for each violation.  The total penalty is $10,000." - USA v. Natural Environmental, Inc., Aug. 15, 2013.