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Border Chronicler Charles Bowden Dead at 69

"Reporter and author Charles Bowden — he eschewed the term "journalist" — is dead.  The longtime Southern Arizonan recently moved to New Mexico and focused his work on the dangerous turmoil of Ciudad Juarez.  Bowden was a dogged investigative reporter and brilliant storyteller with a passion for the truth.  A finalist for a 1984 Pulitzer Prize, he won numerous other awards and the respect of reporters everywhere with his gritty yet painstaking work.  Bowden, born in 1945 and known as "Chuck" to reporters both local and around the world, died during an afternoon nap Saturday at his Las Cruces, N.M., home, family and friends reported.  "It's a fitting irony that he passed away in his sleep. He took a nap and never woke up," said Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll, noting that Bowden suffered from the lingering effects of a youthful bout with valley fever. ... Among Bowden's two-dozen-odd books were "Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields" (2010); Dreamland: The Way Out of Juarez" (2010); "Down by the River: Drugs, Money, Murder, and Family" (2004); "Some of the Dead Are Still Breathing: Living in the Future" (2009); and "Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future" (1998) with coauthors Noam Chomsky and Eduardo Galean.  "Dead When I Got Here" is a forthcoming documentary about Juarez inspired by Bowden's work.  In addition to his books, Bowden wrote for such publications as Harpers and Esquire. He was a contributing editor for GQ and Mother Jones." - Tucson Sentinel, Aug. 31, 2014.

Quote: "The future is being written in Juarez, written in Mexican blood and American money."