Immigration Law

Computer Gamer viOLet Earns 'Athlete' Visa

"As far as the United States government is concerned, eSports and traditional sports are equal.  Five months after American immigration officials first cleared professional video game players to apply for the same visas as traditional athletes, the first StarCraft 2 pro has finally obtained a P-1A visa.  Kim “ViOLet” Dong Hwan, a 23-year-old South Korean professional StarCraft player, followed trailblazing League of Legends star Danny ["Shiphtur"] Le to become an internationally recognized athlete on Dec. 9.  Kim said he teared up over the phone when he was finally assured that he’d be allowed to live, compete, and earn a salary in the United States for at least the next five years.  He called it a “life-changing” event. Kim's ultimate goal is to become an American citizen." - Daily Dot, Dec. 11, 2013.