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Immigration Law

H-1B Lottery Lawsuit Filed - Tenrec v. USCIS

Parrilli Renison, June 2, 2016 - "Our firm has initiated a legal challenge to the current lottery process in place for H-1B cap subject petitions, which are at present required to be filed in a 5 day window and randomly selected without regard to order of filing in previous years.  Our BLOG POST describes the issue.  Read our FAQ. The CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT was filed June 2, 2016 in federal court.  If you are an employer or employee who has failed to be selected in at least one lottery since 2013, including this year, please complete the form below so that we may review the facts of your case for potential class membership.  The purpose of the lawsuit is to allow those with rejected H-1B petitions the opportunity to re-submit petitions and receive a place in line ahead of those who file for the first time at a later date.  This remedy would provide "priority" for next fiscal year's H-1B numbers to those who had filed for an H-1B this year, or in previous years, and were not selected in the random lottery.  The information collected on this form is for the purpose of identifying a class of people impacted by the illegal lottery process, and investigating potential claims, and will not be disclosed to third parties without express permission in writing."