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Immigration Law

Preliminary Injunction Denied in H-4 EAD Lawsuit

"Save Jobs has an obvious interest in protecting its members from additional competition in an already crowded job market, particularly given the circumstances of their terminations from SCE.  However, DHS has a strong interest in moving ahead with a program years in the making, and the court is cognizant of the difficulties DHS would face if the program were delayed at this late date.  Lastly, the public interest factor does not favor either party.  Whether American workers and the U.S. economy are better served with more or fewer foreign workers is a policy question the court need not answer. In sum, not only has Save Jobs not shown irreparable harm, but none of the remaining factors swing particularly in its favor. ... Save Jobs’ Motion for a Preliminary Injunction is denied." - Save Jobs USA v. DHS, May 24, 2015.