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Immigration Law

The Supreme Court Immigration Case You Never Heard Of: Mathis v. U.S.

Apr. 26, 2016 - Oral argument was heard today in Mathis v. U.S.  The transcript is here.  Links to all the briefs here.  Argument preview here.

Nutshell: "On Tuesday, April 26, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral argument in Mathis v. United Stateslikely to be the Term’s most important federal sentencing case, and its second-most important immigration case after United States v. TexasIt involves the surprisingly complicated question of how to determine which state convictions qualify for federal mandatory minimum sentences and for removal under immigration law. To understand why the case is so important, and why the issue of which convictions qualify is so bewildering, some investment in the background is essential. ... Descamps effectively concentrated all the analytical pressure onto the point now presented in Mathis: exactly how does a federal court determine whether a statute is divisible, thus unlocking the facts?"  (Evan Lee, Argument preview: Growing pains in the mass incarceration and deportation movements, SCOTUSblog (Apr. 19, 2016, 5:41 PM))