Immigration Law

USCIS Recommendation to Terminate TPS for Haiti (Apr. 10, 2017)

In a memo dated Apr. 10, 2017, USCIS Acting Director James W. McCament recommended to DHS Secretary Kelly that Temporary Protected Status ("TPS") for certain Haitians be terminated, effective Jan. 22, 2018: "...USCIS has concluded that the conditions in Haiti no longer support Its designation for TPS. USCIS recommends that you terminate Haiti's TPS designation, but delay the effective date until January 22, 2018, whlch will allow for the extension of TPS benefits for affected individuals for an additional 6 months and for a period of orderly transition before the TPS designation of Haiti would terminate. As part of the review process, USCIS consulted with the Department of State (DOS). DOS, under the previous Administration, recommended an extension of Haiti's TPS designation.  Despite recent outreach to discuss the matter, Secretary Tillerson has not provided any recommendation on Haiti's TPS extension. ... "

[Memo courtesy of USA Today's Miami-based Alan Gomez.]