Immigration Law

A Teenager's Suicide Spurs DREAM Activists

"One evening this week on the sprawling University of Texas campus, a small group of DREAMers — the moniker for undocumented college students lobbying for passage of the DREAM Act — solemnly painted posters for an upcoming campaign. The statement on each was simple: “I am Joaquin.”  It is the title of a famous Chicano-movement poem of the 1960s. The title character speaks of the minority community’s battles and perseverance in an Anglo-dominated society. Now, after last week’s suicide of Joaquin Luna, an illegal immigrant student from Mission, activists in Texas have adopted the phrase to draw attention to undocumented students in Texas who are unable to gain employment, even if they excel in their studies." - Julian Aguilar, Texas Tribune, Dec. 1, 2011.