Immigration Law

Conservatives Battle Over CIR Narrative

A new report from the conservative Heritage Foundation claims immigration reform would cost the nation trillions of dollars.

Yet in 2006 the Foundation argued precisely the opposite.

And the Cato Institute argues persuasively that the methodology of the Heritage report renders it worthless.

WaPo recaps the give-and-take here.

Finally, in a very frank NYT Op-Ed, David Brooks argues that reform opponents are "trying to restrict the flow of conservatives into this country ... trying to restrict assimilation ... trying to restrict love affairs [!] ... trying to restrict social mobility ... trying to restrict skills ... [and, finally,] trying to hold back the inevitable."  Here's the close: "Another interesting question is whether a major political party is going to consign itself to permanent irrelevance.  If conservatives defeat immigration reform, the Republicans will definitely lose control of one thing for years to come: political power."