Immigration Law

DHS OIG: 287(g) Expansion Suffers from Lack of Planning

DHS OIG, Sept. 19, 2018 - "In the 14 months following the issuance of the January 2017 Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, the number of law enforcement agencies participating in the 287(g) program rose from 36 to 76. ICE approved the 40 additional applicants without planning for a corresponding increase in program management staffing, determining how to promptly deliver needed information technology (IT) equipment to participants, or ensuring participants are fully trained. Specifically, ICE did not analyze program needs to determine how many additional 287(g) program managers should be hired and was not able to hire enough to keep up with the quick expansion. In addition, a lack of IT support staff and a lengthy installation process have hampered prompt delivery and installation of IT equipment that law enforcement agencies in the 287(g) program need to carry out their immigration enforcement-related duties. Finally, ICE may not be training law enforcement officers efficiently and is not monitoring the officers to ensure they complete required training. Approving all new participants without adequate planning has hindered ICE’s oversight and management of the 287(g) program and may be affecting participating agencies’ ability to assist ICE in enforcing immigration laws and identifying removable aliens."