Immigration Law

DHS OIG releases 287(g) report

"In this review, we determined that ICE needs to continue efforts to
implement our prior recommendations. In addition, we identified
challenges that may reduce the effectiveness of a review process
intended as a resource for ensuring compliance with 287(g)
program requirements. ICE needs to (1) provide training for
inspectors to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge of the
287(g) Program, the Memorandum of Agreement with the state
and local law enforcement agencies, and other skills needed to
conduct effective inspection reviews; (2) develop and implement
comprehensive analytical tools for use as part of the inspection
review process; and (3) review and revise the Memorandum of
Agreement with participating law enforcement agencies to ensure a
clear understanding of 287(g) program requirements.

We are making 13 recommendations for ICE to improve overall
operations of the 287(g) program. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement concurred with 12 of the recommendations."

DHS OIG, Sept. 2011.