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Immigration Law

Expert: Federal Court Ruling Will Give Asylum Seekers a 'Fair Shot'

Molly O'Toole, Los Angeles Times, Dec. 19, 2018 - "A major Trump administration policy that sought to block victims of gang and domestic violence from claiming asylum in the U.S. is illegal, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

The ruling by District Judge Emmet Sullivan overturned a sweeping policy change ordered in June by then-Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions and has broad implications for thousands of Central American asylum seekers, especially women.


In addition to declaring the policy change illegal, Sullivan ordered the government to return to the United States people who’ve been deported as a result.

... Although the government will almost certainly appeal, said Cornell University Law School professor Stephen Yale-Loehr, “in the meantime … the federal court ruling ensures that people fleeing domestic violence or gang violence will have a fair shot.”"