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Immigration Law

Expert: Obama May 'Fine Tune' Immigration Policy by Administrative Action

"Conventional political wisdom suggests that immigration reform in a midterm election year has a snowball's chance in July of getting any traction.  But maybe that wisdom isn't so conventional.  Some Republicans say they are warily preparing for the possibility that President Barack Obama could use executive action this summer to bypass congressional gridlock and act on immigration reform.  Those changes could include making noncriminals and minor offenders the lowest deportation priorities, a recommendation the Congressional Hispanic Caucus stressed in its meeting earlier this month with Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.  Republicans have good reason to worry, said Stephen Yale-Loehr, a professor at Cornell University Law School.  "If I had to predict, I think the president will make some administrative fine tuning of his immigration policies in the hopes of pacifying the immigration activists," said Yale-Loehr. ... Republicans who have pushed immigration reform and political experts both say there is now a narrow window for the GOP to get something done.  Late spring and summer "might open a small window of time for Republicans to act," Yale-Loehr said.  "If the primaries in spring and summer show immigration is not that big an issue with activists, then Republicans will feel they can go out on the limb and support reform."" - CNN, Apr. 21, 2014.