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Immigration Law

Homeland: Immigration in America - PBS Documentary

"Homeland: Immigration in America is a three-hour documentary series that explores one of the most polarizing issues facing America today.  A PBS Election 2012 national special, the series is narrated by Ray Suarez, senior correspondent for PBS NewsHour, and produced by the Nine Network of Public Media in St. Louis." - PBS, airing in July 2012.

  • Anonymous
    I can't tell you how hard it was to FIND this!!!! Our local PBS station, KQED San Francisco, airs PBS newshour, in which Ray Suarez said the Homeland documentary would "air on most PBS stations [last] Friday night." Our station did NOT air it, or mention it. I tried to find the information on line and even looking at PBS and CPB, I found references to hundreds of other films, site, etc. THIS is the one I want to see. I have yet to find out when it will play on our station, but why is it SO HARD to find things!!!! Geez Louise!!!