Immigration Law

Immigration Court Representation a 'Moral Imperative'

"Legal representation in deportation proceedings is a moral imperative.  While the federal government has abdicated its responsibility to provide this critical component of a fair and just process for immigrants in deportation proceedings, the individual, familial, and community devastation caused by the current enforcement regime is felt most acutely in places like New York, where immigrants play a vital and central role.  Thus, it is critical that New York City and State protect their residents, families, and communities from the devastation that deportations cause by establishing a deportation defense system like that described here.  Such a system would be the first deportation defense system in the nation and would seek to protect New York families, ensure a measure of justice for New York residents, and become a model for other cities and states that value their immigrant communities." - New York Immigrant Representation Study Report:  Part II, Accessing Justice II:  A Model for Providing Counsel to New York Immigrants in Removal Proceedings, Dec. 2012.

More from the New York Times, Nov. 28, 2012.