Immigration Law

Join the Army, Speak a Language and Become a Citizen

"In 2009 the US Army piloted a yearlong program allowing immigrants with certain language skills or medical training to enlist in the military and receive citizenship by the end of basic training –that’s just 10 weeks.  The program was a wild success, enlisting nearly 1,000 people with thousands more on the wait list.  The program has been brought back for a second trial period this October.  Already, about 200 people have enlisted.  One of them is Yoon Young Kim, a South Korean national.  He joined the Army just a few weeks ago.  He’s set to leave for basic training in April.  By the end of summer 2013, he’s scheduled to raise his hand again to swear another oath, this time as a U.S. citizen." - Nina Porzucki, Dec. 17, 2012.