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Immigration Law

LexisNexis Expert Author Stephen W. Yale-Loehr: Future for DACA Recipients 'Perilous'

Amy Frykholm, June 6, 2016- "[T]he future of DACA is threatened.  Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration studies at Cornell University, says that a court decision against the expansion of DACA (or one that reverts to the lower court’s decision on the question) is not good news for the original DACA.  The president can continue it, but once it has expired, it is unlikely to be renewed.  Yale-Loehr says the future of people like Brayhan is “perilous.”  He does not think that the resources of the Department of Homeland Security will be used to round up and deport DACA recipients, but young people would return to the same situation they were in before the executive action, in which they have no legal path for staying in the only country they know.  Even more crucial to the future of DACA recipients is the presidential election, which has become a referendum on immigration."