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Immigration Law

Napolitano: Prioritizing finite resources makes sense

"It makes sense to prioritize our finite resources on removing a Mexican citizen who is wanted for murder in his home country ahead of a Mexican national who is the sole provider for his American citizen spouse; It makes sense to remove a Costa Rican man convicted of sexual assault against a minor before we spend the time and money to send a mother back to her violent and abusive husband in Jamaica, separating her from her American-born children; finally, it makes sense to prioritize resources on the removal of a Chinese man convicted of aggravated assault and weapons offenses before removing a 10th grade student who was brought to this country when he was a child.  These are actual examples of the recent use of discretion. They do not constitute amnesty. They reflect the judicious and intelligent use of resources, common sense and prioritization."

Janet Napolitano, DHS Secretary, Oct. 5, 2011.