Immigration Law

States' Welcoming Policies Can Mitigate Harsh Federal Immigration Laws: Roberto Suro

In California Dreaming: The New Dynamism in Immigration Federalism and Opportunities for Inclusion on a Variegated Landscape, USC Professor Roberto Suro concludes: "When all of the policies described in this section are applied together as is the case in some major concentrations of the immigrant population such as New York, Chicago and large parts of California, the cumulative effect can be the creation of a new kind of civic status that permits an unauthorized immigrant to engage openly with schools, hospitals, police departments and other government agencies. This can open up encounters as significant as reporting a crime to the seemingly trivial such as a call to an animal control agency about a stray dog which might otherwise be fraught. Moreover, the implementation of welcoming policies and the process of registering for benefits such as a driver’s license can involve interactions with civil society organizations of all sorts and the formation of stronger community organizations among immigrants themselves."