Immigration Law

The Role Of The Immigration Lawyer In The Age Of Trump - Cyrus Mehta

Cyrus Mehta, Nov. 12, 2016- "Vulnerable immigrants need advocates more than ever before to defend and protect them. We have a new and renewed mission, and this should propel us forward and give us a new purpose. ... Immigration lawyers need to be strategic regarding advising clients to apply for citizenship and travel out of the US.  We will use our legal acumen and every skill to protect our clients and our client’s businesses.  We will be the shield for them against all the hateful anti-immigration rhetoric that is bound to manifest itself even more from his supporters.  We will do what we do best with a renewed sense of purpose. ...  After 9/11, although we feared the worst, there were no drastic limits or moratoriums due to the resilience and strength of the immigration movement.  11/9 poses yet another grave challenge, but we are ready to brace for the fight to defend immigrants in the age of Trump and xenophobia.  And prevail we must as the cause is righteous and just."