Immigration Law

Trump Administration to Pause Hiring Of Immigration Judges Amid Massive Backlog

Hamed Aleaziz, Buzzfeed News, Mar. 7, 2019

"The Trump administration will pause its hiring of immigration judges, slow its procuring of support staff, and cancel a training conference, dealing a setback to the government's efforts to cut down on a crushing backlog of cases, according to a Justice Department email obtained by BuzzFeed News.

James McHenry, director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, notified immigration court staffers in an email Wednesday morning that the timing of the 2019 budget process has left them "considerably short of being able to fulfill all of our current operational needs."

... “This administration has justified so many of their more draconian policies in terms of ‘We have got to lower the backlog’ and then all of a sudden they don’t have the funds to hire more immigration judges,” said Jeffrey Chase, a former immigration judge. “If their true goal is to provide fair adjudications more quickly, then this is inconsistent with that. More people will wait longer.” "