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Immigration Law

What It's Like To Be An Immigration Lawyer In The Trump Era

Laura Murray-Tjan, Oct. 24, 2018 - "I was at my favorite restaurant on Cape Cod, eating dinner alone at the sushi bar when the young chef, who was torching the sheets of seaweed he held in his bare hand, asked me — an immigration lawyer — a painful question.

"Has anything about your job really changed under Trump?"

After a few swirls of my tea, I responded: “Yes, it has.”

The chef and I had been talking about an upcoming green card interview that I was particularly nervous about. He was puzzled. He knows I am no newcomer to my job — I’ve been practicing law for almost two decades. I’ve represented immigrants in countless high-stakes hearings. Judges and opposing counsel respect me. I am thorough, tough and confident.

Or am I?

That’s the problem, I explained. A lawyer’s comfort in a courtroom, or even in a consultation, comes from knowing what to expect, including the potential surprises. But with the Trump administration throwing ninja stars in all directions, lawyers are left guessing what innovative grounds for denials or deportation the government will come up with. [More...]"