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Russian Asylum Seekers Admitted to US Via Secret Deal With Mexico
Posted on 6 Apr 2022 by Daniel M. Kowalski

David Noriega, David Mora, Gabriela Martínez, VICE, Mar. 28, 2022 "A group of Russian citizens who fled their country after the invasion of Ukraine and spent a week camped out at the U.S.-Mexico border was quietly admitted to the U.S. in... Read More

CBP Memo: Title 42 Exceptions for Ukrainian Nationals (Mar. 11, 2022)
Posted on 18 Mar 2022 by Daniel M. Kowalski

CBP, Mar. 11, 2022 "... The Department of Homeland Security recognizes that the unjustified Russian war of aggression in Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis. CBP is authorized, consistent with the Title 42 Order, on a case-by-case basis based... Read More

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