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News Excerpts From the Nov. 15, 2013 Bender’s Immigration Bulletin
Posted on 4 Nov 2013 by LexisNexis Legal Newsroom Staff

Report Faults Procedures for Issuance of NTAs | On October 22, 2013, the Center for Immigrants’ Rights at Pennsylvania State University Law School released a report criticizing various practices related to the issuance of Notices to Appear in... Read More

Immigration and Albertville, Alabama
Posted on 24 Dec 2017 by Daniel M. Kowalski

This American Life, Dec. 8, 2017 - "We spent eight months and did over a hundred interviews to try to bypass the usual rhetoric and get to the bottom of what really happened when undocumented workers showed up in one Alabama town." Part Two... Read More

Settlement Ends Alabama Immigration Lawsuit
Posted on 30 Oct 2013 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"The state of Alabama agreed Tuesday to settle the remaining challenges over its toughest-in-the-nation crackdown against illegal immigration, which has mostly been gutted by federal court decisions. The state and the American Civil Liberties Union... Read More

Alabama Immigration Law Gridlocks Licensing Process
Posted on 22 Oct 2012 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"A catch-22 in Alabama’s immigration law may be preventing some legal immigrants from getting state licenses to work in a wide range of professions, from nursing to general contracting. The immigration law, passed in 2010, says that non-U.S... Read More

Feds ask 11th Cir. to block Alabama immigration law
Posted on 7 Oct 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

" The federal government asked an appeals court Friday to halt the Alabama immigration law considered by many the toughest in the U.S., saying it could have dire diplomatic consequences abroad, invites discrimination and merely forces illegal... Read More

Alabama Hispanic students not coming back
Posted on 3 Nov 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Over a month after the nation’s toughest immigration law took effect in Alabama, hundreds of Hispanic students are still missing from the state’s public school system – and they are likely gone for good." - Politico, Nov... Read More

Court blocks part of Alabama immigration law
Posted on 24 Nov 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Today, the federal district court in Montgomery temporarily blocked a section of Alabama anti-immigrant law HB 56 that threatens to push families who cannot prove lawful status out of their homes. A civil rights coalition filed a lawsuit ... Read More

Alabama's immigration law prompts alarm
Posted on 9 Oct 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Alabama's estimated 130,000 illegal immigrants are worried. They are confused. And in some cases, they have disappeared. They have disappeared from classrooms and from tomato fields. Last week, some had disappeared from the Guadalajara Jalisco... Read More

Alabama Immigration Law Puts Squeeze on Schools
Posted on 9 Oct 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Alabama school districts are reeling from the impact of the state’s tough, new immigration law and a federal court ruling upholding a portion of the statute that requires schools to report on the immigration status of their students... Read More

Even documented workers driven out by Alabama law
Posted on 11 Oct 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Alabama's strict new immigration law may be backfiring. Intended to force illegal workers out of jobs, it is also driving away many construction workers, roofers and field hands here legally who do backbreaking jobs that Americans generally... Read More

Alabama immigration fight recalls civil rights era
Posted on 29 Oct 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Alabama's jump to the forefront says as much about the country's evolving demographics as it does the nation's collective memory of the state's sometimes violent path to desegregation." - Associated Press, Oct. 29, 2011... Read More

Sweet Home Alabama? Immigration and Civil Rights in the “New” South
Posted on 7 Dec 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"This essay contends that the civil rights implications for immigrants and Latinos raised by the state immigration laws are in many respects similar to the civil rights issues raised by Jim Crow for African-Americans. This is true even though... Read More

In Alabama, Damage To Latino Community May Be Irreversible
Posted on 15 Oct 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Nelly Tadeo, a legal U.S. resident from Mexico, said she notices icy stares in Walmart and feels like whites and blacks are wondering if she is legal and pays taxes. “Even if the law gets canceled, Alabama is not going to be the same... Read More

Another utility in Alabama refuses to provide water, electricity to immigrants
Posted on 7 Nov 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Decatur Utilities now prohibits [unauthorized] immigrants from obtaining electric, gas, water or sewer service, an official said Friday. Stephen Pirkle, DU business manager and chief financial officer, said DU previously required residents seeking... Read More

If Plyler is the target, children are collateral damage
Posted on 28 Oct 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Whether the critics are correct in arguing that the law has created a “chilling effect,” inducing families to pull their children out of school, is harder to measure than it may seem. While daily absences by Hispanic students ranged... Read More