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Insurance Law Community's Top 50 Insurance Blogs 2009 Honorees

After some very careful review and a great deal of deliberation, the LexisNexis Insurance Law Community has selected its Top 50 Insurance Blogs for 2009.

We’d like to express gratitude to our Community members for your comments and suggestions. All of you submitted many of the new names on the 2009 Top 50 list and we thank you for infusing so much fresh talent into our Community. We also want to specially thank the LexisNexis Insurance Law Advisory Board for giving us their input.

These top blogs offer some of the best writing out there. They contain a wealth of information for all segments of the insurance industry, and include timely news items, expert analysis, practice tips, frequent postings and helpful links to other sites and sources.

Demonstrating on a daily basis that insurance makes the world go round, these blogs also show us how insurance issues interact with politics and culture. These sites also demonstrate the power of the blogsphere, by providing a collective example of how bloggers can—and do—impact and influence the law and the business of insurance.

You can view the complete list below. Please join us in congratulating all the honorees!

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1.             A View From the Press Box -

Published by P&C National Underwriter

National Underwriter Editor-in-Chief Sam Friedman’s posts are insightful and thought-provoking. This is a blog with a pedigree.

2.             Ask Tim -

Published by Independent Insurance Agents and Trusted Choice

Written by Tim Dodge, a self-styled insurance geek who is director of research and external communications for the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York (IIABNY), this blog asks and answers technical insurance questions.

3.             Blog-Re -

Published by Katherine Blackler

Blackler is a senior reporter and blogger-in-chief at Reinsurance Magazine. Blog-re was first created in 2005 by her predecessor when blogging was a relatively new phenomenon. After various experiments, a new and improved version has emerged where readers can get an insight into the strange and varied world of a Reinsurance Magazine journalist.

4.             Boston ERISA and Insurance Litigation Blog -

Published by Stephen Rosenberg

Providing informative and interesting information about legal developments on two of Rosenberg’s favorite topics—ERISA and insurance coverage—this blog looks first to the law of the First Circuit and Massachusetts, although updates about significant cases from other jurisdictions frequently occur.

5.             Barger & Wolen LLP blogs

These law firm blogs provide coverage at both the national and state level, with an emphasis on California law, federal cases applying California law and decisions by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. All three blogs also report on news events and other happenings that impact the insurance industry.

Cal Insurance Regulation -

Published by Barger & Wolen LLP

Brought to you by Steven H. Weinstein, Richard G. De La Mora and Spencer Y. Kook, three of Barger and Wolen’s prolific best, this blog provides updates and comments on legal and regulatory issues affecting California insurance companies.

Insurance Litigation and Regulatory Law Blog

Published by Barger & Wolen LLP

This blog focuses on insurance industry related case law, regulation and legislation and is authored by  Larry M. Golub, Royal F. Oakes, Gregory O. Eisenreich, Michael A.S. Newman, James  C. Castle, and Lee A. Cirsch.

Life, Health and Disability Insurance Blog -

Published by Barger & Wolen LLP

This blog covers both ERISA and non-ERISA issues and is authored by John M. LeBlanc, Robert K. Renner, Martin e. Rosen, Jenny H. Wang, and Scott E. Calvert.

6.             Canadian Insurance Law Blog -

Published by Mike Thomas

Thomas focuses on case developments on British Columbia and Vancouver in his blog insurance litigation, property damage, personal liability, commercial liability issues.

7.             Corporate Insurance Blog -

Written and Maintained by Scott Godes

This blog is for corporate policyholders, risk managers, and in-house counsel who deal with insurance policies, programs, purchases, renewals, claims, and recovery. It offers a fresh perspective, top notch writing, keen insight, and tackles the tough issues head on.

8.             Coverage Counsel -

Published by Mura & Storm

Roy A. Mura is the Insurance coverage & fraud attorney, grammarian, blogger, and angler behind this blog, which provides a rolling dialogue about New York insurance coverage cases and issues. The analysis is spot-on, and Mura’s in-depth commentary and quick wit is both engaging and informative.

9.             Cozen O’Connor blogs

This law firm sets a high standard when it comes to blogging. These authors don’t shy away from the cutting edge topics and their writing is crystal clear and to-the-point.

cyberInquirer -

Written and maintained by Richard J. Bortnick and Pamella D. Pengelley, this blog serves up news and views on recent developments in cyber law and insurance.

Subrogation & Recovery Law Blog -

This blog provides commentary on current issues and developing trends in subrogation and recovery. The writing is fresh, the topics are lively and a wide variety of firm attorneys contribute.

10.          Disability Insurance Lawyer Blog -

Published by Frankel & Newfield

These bloggers focus on disability insurance developments out of Garden City, New York. The blog examines disability insurance law news, reports and cases.

11.          Gauntlett on Intellectual Property/Antitrust Insurance -

Published by David A. Gauntlett

Gauntlett writes an insightful blog that explores the intellectual challenges posed by the intersection of IP, antitrust and insurance law, as well as the dynamic character of the contract language that supports coverage therein. He hasn’t posted much in recent months, but everyone is entitled to a summer vacation.

12. -

Published by Guy Carpenter

Guy Carpenter pools its intellectual capital to provide intelligence about the global insurance market. The blog includes, brief easy-to-read online articles that link to full reports on topics relating to property, casualty, reinsurance markets, and capital markets.

13.          GlobalTort -

Published by Kirk Hartley, Steve Sellick and Tim Greene

This blog gives commentary on the intersections among torts, science, corporate law, insurance and bankruptcy.

14.          Healthblawg -

Published by David Harlow

Harlow's blend of public and private sector background gives him a unique perspective on the legal, policy and business issues facing the health care community. His blog covers health care legislation and regulations (both at the federal level and in his home state of Massachusetts) as well as public health innovations in the private sector.

15.          Health Care Law Reform -

Published by McDermott Will & Emery

Edited by Joel Michaels, Karen Sealander, and Eric Zimmerman, this blog provides insights from Washington D.C. on U.S. health care law developments.

16.          Illinois Insurance Coverage Law -

Published by Daniel G. Wills of Swanson, Martin & Bell LLP

This straight forward blog about insurance coverage litigation and appeals provides short posts with links to informative content—along with a healthy dose of practical advice---from a trial lawyer who moonlights as an adjunct professor.

17.          Insurance Capital -

Published by The Hartford Courant

News, conversation and links about Connecticut’s insurance industry, written by insurance reporter Matthew Sturdevant.

18.          Insurance Claims and Issues -

Published by Dennis Wall

Insurance Claims and Bad Faith Law Blog -

Published by Dennis Wall

One of the two double entries in this year’s group, these tandem blogs keep readers up to date on insurance claims handling, coverage, and good faith and fair dealing.

19.          Insurance Coverage Law Blog -

Published by Dunn Carney Allen Higgens & Tongue LLP

This is Dave Rossmiller’s (in)famous blog, which many of you will of course remember from its Scruggs Nation heyday. The hiatus is over and Rossmiller is writing again. Click on over to learn a thing or two about insurance, about blogging, and about life. 

20.          Insurance Coverage Law in Massachusetts -

Published by Nina Kallen

This is a solid, carefully reasoned blog that focuses on developments in the Bay State.

21.          Insurance Coverage Monitor -

Published by Howrey LLP

Cutting edge insurance coverage analysis for corporate policyholders that features discussion on news and developments relating to insurance recovery law.

22.          Insurance Law Hawaii -

Published by Tred R. Eyerly

A commentary on insurance coverage issues in Hawaii. Aloha.

23.          InsureBlog -

Published by Bob Vineyard, Henry Stern, William Halper and Mike Feehan

This tell-it-like-it-is blog offers principles and solutions about health care and insurance.

24.          InsureReinsure -

Published by Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge

This insurance and reinsurance blog from the folks at EAPD covers a wide range of national and international insurance topics.

25.          Law and Insurance -

Published by David S. White

White’s blog keeps a keen eye on what’s developing in insurance law and practice.

26.          Life Insurance Compliance Regulation Law Blog -

Published by Currin Compliance Services LLC

This blog provides updates and discussion on life insurance compliance, annuity compliance and insurance regulation.

27.          Lloyd’s Blog -

Published by Lloyd’s

The Lloyd’s blog is a forum for Lloyd’s experts to blog about issues to the industry and to Lloyd’s as a market. Bloggers include Carl Phillips, David Baxter, Garry Booth, Kent Chaplin, Paul Nunn, Trevor Maynard, Vinay Mistry, and Andrew Cave.

28.          Loree Reinsurance and Arbitration Law Forum

Published by Loree & Loree

This blog provides a forum for dialogue and insights concerning reinsurance litigation and arbitration and commercial and industry arbitration. In addition to critical analysis of important issues and events, the blog sometimes features “Nuts & Bolts” articles designed to provide general and practical information. Phillip J. Lorree is the forum’s blogmaster.

29.          Managed Care Matters -

Published by Joseph Paduda

Since October 2004 Managed Care Matters has been the “go to” weblog on health care cost containment, health policy, health research, and medical news for insurers, employers, and healthcare providers. This weblog is frequently cited by industry leaders and a must read for anyone who wants to understand the intersection of health care and workers’ compensation issues.

30.          National Insurance Law Forum -

Published by Kevin T. Merriman, Sara M. Thorpe, Michael F. Aylward, Diane L. Polscer, Christopher W. Martin

National Insurance Law Forum is a public service intended to facilitate discussion and an exchange of ideas and information among insurance industry professionals, risk managers, attorneys, policyholders, students, and others with an interest in the development of American insurance law. Members of the Forum are attorneys who concentrate their practice in insurance and bad faith law and litigation.

31.          No Fault Blogs

No-Fault Defender -

Published by Jason Tenenbaum

This is a blog on New York no-fault law from a defense attorney’s perspective.

No-Fault Paradise -

Published by David M. Gottlieb

If you’re looking for the latest on New York no-fault law, this is the place to find it. Dave gives everything a unique perspective and entertains his readers with stories about his life, family and not-very-smart dog Marvin. Gottlieb actually runs three blogs: No-Fault Paradise; TheCPLRblog; and New York Evidence: A blog. He calls the last one is a work in progress. 

32.          North Carolina Insurance Law

Published by George Simpson

This blog keeps its readers up to date on insurance coverage disputes, insurance regulation and insurance litigation in North Carolina.

33.          PLUS Blog -

Published by the Professional Liability Underwriting Society

This blog provides a place to share thoughts about professional liability underwriting.

34.          Point of Law – Insurance Section -

Published by the Manhattan Institute

This blog is a web magazine sponsored by the Manhattan Institute that brings together information and opinion on the U.S. litigation system. The insurance-related content is top-notch.

35.          Policyholder Perspective -

Published by Farella Braun + Martel LLP

A recent entry to the blogosphere from the insurance coverage attorneys at this San Francisco firm.

36.          Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog -

Published by Merlin Law Group

Chip Merlin’s blog discusses commercial and residential property insurance claim disputes and insurance bad faith as they arise in the representation and advocacy of insurance policyholders in disputes with insurance companies in Florida, Mississippi, Texas and nationwide. Merlin is a leading attorney in the Gulf Oil Spill litigation and currently provides daily coverage about the catastrophe from an insurance and environmental perspective.

37.          Reinsurance Blogger

Published by Tom Johansmeyer

This blog follows the progress of social media as it enters the reinsurance business. The author provides useful “how to” information for reinsurers about writing a blog and engaging in social media activities.

38.          Reinsurance Focus -

Published by Jorden Burt LLP

New reinsurance-related and arbitration developments presented by a national law firm with a unique focus on financial services.

39.          reinsurance girl’s blog

Published by Rein4ce

Written by Rein4ce managing director and founder Mairi Mallon, this is a blog on all things insurance, reinsurance, public relations and social media.

40.          Reinsurance Law Blog -

Published by Stauffer & Nathan

This blog addresses issues relating to bad faith, coverage and commercial litigation (rather than reinsurance) and tends to focus on Oklahoma law, but the content (and the writing) is always top notch.

41.          Risk & Insurance Chalkboard -

Published by Risk Resources

This blog provides a dialogue on risk management and insurance issues from an independent risk management and consulting firm in Illinois, and includes snappy headlines (Litigation Gone Wild: Even Flipper is Disgusted) catchy graphics, and some darn good writing.

42.          Risk Management Monitor -

Published by Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.

Brought to you by RIMS and edited by Emily Holbrook, Jared Wade and Morgan O’Rourke, this official blog of Risk Management magazine provides daily stories, commentary, interviews, podcasts and videos related to the world of risk management and insurance.

43.          Tennessee Insurance Litigation Blog -

Published by Brandon McWherter and Parks T. Chastain

This blog provides legal insights on insurance litigation in the State of Tennessee from a pair of attorneys on both sides of the discussion. Brandon writes from the policyholders’ perspective and Parks tells the insurance company’s side of the story. Brandon appears to be a little more prolific than Parks, and his firm just launched a new website called Tennessee Flood Claims that addresses many of the issues that Tennessee residents affected by the recent floods are facing.

44.          The Claims

Published by Marc Lanzkowsky

A blog for the claims side of the insurance industry, Lanzkowsky and contributing editor Taylor Smith bring together the best and brightest claims expert to SPOT claims issues and trends.

45.          The D&O Diary -

Published by Kevin M. LaCroix

LaCroix writes a periodic journal that contains items of interest from the world of directors & officers liability, with occasional commentary.

46.          The Insurance Bellwether -

Published by Jim Connolly                                                                                              

Written by an insurance reporter, editor and commentator, this blog is an information source for the latest insurance, income planning and financial planning developments and provides a place for the exchange of ideas on news and trends.

47.          The Insurance and Reinsurance Report -

Published by Goldberg & Segalla

A law firm blog that regularly provides timely articles about insurance and reinsurance law and news.

48.          Terms + Conditions -

Published by the Insurance Information Institute

Written by the inimitable Claire Wilkinson, this insurance industry blog aims to provide timely information and discussion on contemporary insurance topics. Wilkinson admits to an unhealthy obsession with all insurance issues and has found a passion in blogging. Her posts often link out to white papers and other reports from the iii.

49.          Tort Talk

Published by Daniel E. Cummins

Recently nominated by the ILC Community, this blog provides updates, trends and thoughts about Pennsylvania Civil Litigation Law. It’s a nice mix of good writing, interesting topics and practical information for the insurance defense crowd.

50.          Zurich Risk Debate

Published by Zurich Financial Services Group

Written by Chief Economist Daniel Hofmann, former long-time financial editor for the renowned Swiss daily newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung, this site uses blogs, video messages and supporting documents to open a debate about the risks we face today, and what we can do to cope with them.