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Insurance Law

Rx For Litigation: New Inpatient Rule May Lead To More Medical Malpractice Suits

Our circumstances are often defined by fateful decisions. Those decisions can be our own, those made by others (with or without our knowledge or consent), or both. That’s particularly true with regard to our personal health. You climb a wonky ladder to adjust a second-story TV antenna, for example, and get injured—that’s probably your fault. But after that, the decisions an attending physician in the nearest hospital makes while examining X-rays of your broken bones could significantly affect your recovery. But what if that physician’s fateful decisions on your behalf are shaped by policies that limit his or her choices? That’s the dilemma that physicians, hospitals and patients are likely to face as a result of a rule recently proposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that administers various health-related programs across the country. Read full article here.  Are you a medical malpractice practitioner?  Earlier this year, LexisNexis designed an exciting new litigation tool to specifically meet the challenges facing medical malpractice practitioners. Learn more about MedMal Navigator.

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