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Michael Cohen of Renaissance Re on Climate Change-Related Legislative Challenges & Proposals

Michael Cohen, Vice President, Government Affairs, Renaissance Reinsurance, was on the faculty of the Reinsurance Outlook 2010 seminar produced earlier this year by HB Litigation Conferences.  During a session on climate change, Cohen shared his insights into the political challenges and hurdles that stand in front of climate change initiatives.  Cohen referred to the 2007 book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb titled “The Black Swan.”  Taleb wrote that many major events – from scientific discoveries to global catastrophes – resemble black swans in that they are undirected and unpredicted.  Examples include the advent of the internet and the September 11 terrorist attacks. For more information on this and other programs visit    Click and hear what Cohen had to say about legislative hurdles and some that were pending when he gave his presentation earlier this year.