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There’s Been No “Tender” – Does Insurer Still Need To Respond?
Posted on 28 Jul 2015 by Randy J. Maniloff

We’ve all seen this issue. You are handling a claim for a certain insured, and in the course of doing so, you obtain information that another involved person or entity is also an insured and may have rights under the policy. But here’s the... Read More

New Jersey Court Holds Demand Letter Is A Claim
Posted on 26 Oct 2015 by Brian Margolies

In its recent decision in Innes v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co ., 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 121753, [subscribers can access an enhanced version of this opinion: | Lexis Advance ], (D.N.J. Sept. 11, 2015), the United States District Court... Read More

Government Investigations Can Constitute Covered “Claims”—and Require Notice—Under Liability Insurance Policies
Posted on 4 Feb 2014 by Perkins Coie

By Michael T. Sharkey This commentary examines recent court decisions around the country that have held that subpoenas and other forms of government investigations are “claims” triggering coverage under various types of liability insurance... Read More