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The Limited Reach Of Pre-Answer Security Requirements For Unauthorized Insurers
Posted on 4 Aug 2015 by Mealeys

By Thomas F. Bush When an insurer is sued in a state where it is not authorized to conduct its insurance business, it frequently faces an immediate demand from its opponent to post a bond or other security with the court in the full amount of the opponent's... Read More

New Case Highlights Deep Hole in Cyber Insurance Policies
Posted on 8 Jul 2015 by Dennis Cusack

By Dennis Cusack Insurance policies covering data breach liability began appearing roughly ten years ago. We noted then a troublesome provision in some forms that seemed to exclude coverage for the insured’s failure to maintain data security... Read More

The Target Data Breach: Settlement Data Suffers From A Breach Of Common Sense
Posted on 20 Apr 2015 by Randy J. Maniloff

The mid-March settlement by Target, of the numerous data breach class actions filed against the retailer, following disclosure of millions of its customers’ debit and credit card numbers, will cost the company about $25 million. I had the privilege... Read More