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How the PRO IP Act of 2008 Changes Trademark Anti-Counterfeiting Law
Posted on 20 Oct 2008 by Anne Gilson LaLonde

The PRO IP Act of 2008, officially the Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property Act, increases penalties for civil and criminal counterfeiting and creates a new intellectual property enforcement coordinator at the federal level... Read More

FREE DOWNLOAD: 2.5M Settlement in Fendi Trademark Suit - Fendi Adele S.R.L. v. Filene's Basement, Inc., 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 23478 (S.D.N.Y. Mar. 10, 2010)
Posted on 20 May 2010 by Copyright & Trademark Law Community Staff

Filene's Basement Inc. has agreed to settle the matter with Fendi Adele SRL for $2.5 million. The suit stems from accusations that Filene's Basement sold counterfeit goods with Fendi's trademark. Read More

Alibaba and the Forty Thousand Thieves: Combating Counterfeiting on B2B websites
Posted on 10 May 2010 by H. David Starr and Gregory Bennett

For today's consumer goods product developer, counterfeiting is a huge concern. An essential part of any campaign against counterfeit goods is Internet enforcement. In this Analysis, David Starr and Gregory Bennett focus on the details of establishing... Read More

INTA Targets Teens In Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign
Posted on 18 Apr 2012 by Ashlee Froese

By Ashlee Froese of Gilbert's LLP With the International Chamber of Commerce's recent report stating that the counterfeit goods industry may reach $1.75 trillion (US) by 2012, INTA has decided to step up its game. ( For those of you not in the... Read More