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Close Calls: Declaration Practice in Patent Reexamination
Posted on 3 Jun 2010 by Scott A. McKeown

As pointed out in our post on shielding declarants from litigation discovery in patent reexamination , the submission of declaration evidence is quite commonplace in patent reexamination as compared to application prosecution. Last week the Board of... Read More

Failure to Identify Specification Structure a Non-Starter for BPAI
Posted on 3 Jun 2010 by Scott A. McKeown

Rejection in Ex Parte Patent Reexamination Flawed as to Means-Plus-Function Claim Analysis On May 26, 2010 the BPAI affirmed-in-part the final rejection of certain claims in the ex parte reexamination of U.S. Patent 6,102,802 owned by Anascape LTD... Read More