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Not So Good Migrations: The New UK Points Based System Has Poor Vibrations for Immigration
Posted on 22 Jan 2010 by Laura Devine

Leading UK immigration solicitor Laura Devine looks at the UK's new Point Based System for immigration decisions and explores the complexitites and vagaries that exist in a new system that was supposed to be a model of simplicity and transparency... Read More

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The Lure of the Limited and Corporate Law Reforms in Germany
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by Dr. Hans-Josef Vogel

In 2003, the European Court of Justice tore down the walls sealing off the types of corporations available throughout the Member States of the European Union. Rapidly afterwards, Germans seized the opportunity and started to set up English private companies... Read More

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New Whistleblower Leniency Regulations in Hungary
Posted on 11 Dec 2009 by Chrysta Ban

For a cartel member to receive immunity or reduced exposure to punishment for reporting a cartel to competition authorities is available in many jurisdictions. In a multi-jurisdictional context, it is important that conduct that a whistleblower reveals... Read More

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Recent Developments of Swiss Disclosure Rules relating to Significant Shareholdings
Posted on 5 Jan 2010 by Urs P Gnos & Lukas Wyss

This article provides a short overview over Swiss disclosure rules relating to the holding of significant stakes in Swiss companies listed in Switzerland in general with a focus on the most important changes of law and ordinances. Excerpt: As... Read More

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New Pre-Bankruptcy Procedures in Greece
Posted on 5 Jan 2010 by Constantinos Klissouras

As of 16 September 2007, a new Insolvency Code governs insolvency and restructuring in Greece. The Code strives to abandon the inefficiency and archaic obscurity of the old law and to institute an efficient and effective insolvency regime drawing on the... Read More

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New Portuguese Insurance Contract Framework (Decree-Law 72/2008, of April 16)
Posted on 15 Dec 2008 by L Soares da Silva, M Lima Rego & M Torres Gama

Excerpt: The New Portuguese Insurance Contract Framework, published in April 2008 and in force as from 1 January 2009, definitely represents an important progress towards legal certainty in what concerns the basic rules governing insurance contracts... Read More

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