International Law

Doing Business in China: Mitigating FCPA Compliance Risk After the Rio Tinto Verdict

China offers a wealth of opportunities to multinational corporations looking to tap into the country's lucrative market for goods and services. However, the combination of intense competition for China profits, prevalence of state-controlled entities in key industries, widespread corruption and business traditions create a regulatory minefield that many U.S. companies find difficult to navigate.

The recent verdict by a Chinese court finding four executives of a high-profile international mining company guilty of bribery and theft of commercial secrets may signal that China's aggressive prosecution of its anti-corruption laws is shifting its focus to multinational companies operating on its soil. This case underscores the significance of a comprehensive and rigorous FCPA compliance program for U.S. companies doing business throughout the world, and especially in China, where the consequences for noncompliance can be severe.

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