International Law

Sudanese Islamists Violate Human Rights With Christian Purge

Radical Islamists have fully seized the reins in Sudan with the government giving Christian citizens until April 8th to flee the country. To remain means to face likely death, as the rule of law is abused to violate human rights by religious bigots.

This ultimatum affects more than a half million Christians who have committed no crime but have offended the religiously intolerant Muslims controlling the Sudanese regime.  This is a particularly heinous act given that some of the Christian communities in Sudan, especially those with very long-established parishes in Khartoum, like the Coptic, Ethiopic and Greek Orthodox, Melkite and Syriac Catholics,  groups whose presence in Sudan dates back centuries, if not indeed millennia.

The most likely refuge is South Sudan, a new country that is predominantly Christian and animist. Yet South Sudan lacks the resources, including food, to accommodate this large number of asylum seekers.

Given the situation in Islamist Sudan, it's highly unlikely that reasoned diplomacy will persuade the regime to back down on the purge. And there's no reason for any persecuted Christian believe a peaceful resolution will be found prior to April 8th.

To minimize the damage, the international community should support NGOs in providing emergency relief to the refugees as they flow into South Sudan, including food, temporary housing, and medical care.

As for Sudan, the government should face international sanctions that are at least as harsh as those imposed upon Iran. Assets of the Sudanese government and its officials that are overseas, including bank accounts, should be seized to help pay for the emergency relief afforded to the Christian refugees. Any surplus from the seizures should be given to the refugees in the form of cash as partial compensation for all they have lost.

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