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We Still Don't Punish Contractors for Slavery on U.S. Bases
Posted on 13 Dec 2012 by Samir Goswami

By Samir Goswami U.S. military bases overseas rely on contracted migrant labor for things like food services and laundry-a system that has long imperiled the rights of foreign workers serving the very missions that claim to promote freedom. Though... Read More

Iraq’s Secret Prisoners, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law
Posted on 16 May 2012 by I&FL Community Staff (Rule of Law & Human

In 2011, the Iraqi government announced that it had closed the misnamed Camp Honor, a prison located in Baghdad's "Green Zone" where prisoners were tortured. According to Human Rights Watch, the prison remains open today and is still being... Read More

The Cyrus Cylinder, International Human Rights Day and the Rule of Law
Posted on 10 Dec 2012 by I&FL Community Staff (Rule of Law & Human

As many celebrate International Human Rights Day today (December 10 th ), a 2500-year-old inscribed stone, the Cyrus Cylinder reminds us that human rights are a complex issue with which humankind has struggled with throughout history. In 2013, the... Read More

Middle Eastern Law Toolbox
Posted on 3 Jan 2011 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff (ME)

Welcome to LexisNexis Middle Eastern Law Toolbox, our bazaar which highlights legal content of particular Middle Eastern nations in our database. New to working in the region? Our Guide to International Legal Research chapter on the Middle East... Read More

Oil smuggling presents new embarrassment for Iraq
Posted on 13 Jul 2010 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq - (AP) The smuggling of tens of thousands of gallons a day of crude oil and refined fuels from northern Iraq to Iran, in violation of new U.S. sanctions, is stoking tensions between Iraq's central government and its Kurdish provincial... Read More

Iraq approves gas deal with Shell
Posted on 29 Jun 2010 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff

BAGHDAD - (AP) Iraq has approved a $17 billion joint venture project with Royal Dutch Shell PLC to tap associated natural gas in four southern oil fields, the government announced Tuesday in its latest push to develop an oil sector battered by years of... Read More

Al-Maliki bloc says 750,000 Iraqi votes in doubt
Posted on 12 Apr 2010 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff

BAGHDAD - (AP) Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's political party claimed Sunday its investigation into the March 7 parliamentary election has thrown into question some 750,000 votes, enough to change the results of the nationwide poll. The... Read More

Secular challenger hails Iraq election victory
Posted on 29 Mar 2010 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff

BAGHDAD - (APINTL) Former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said Saturday his secular political alliance is open to bringing any of his rivals into a governing coalition that can restore Iraq's place in the Arab and Muslim world after years of war. Allawi's... Read More