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Turkish pianist on trial for insulting Islam
Posted on 18 Oct 2012 by I&FL Community Staff (Rule of Law & Human

INSTANBUL (AP) - A top Turkish pianist and composer appeared in court on Thursday to defend himself against charges of offending Muslims and insulting Islam in comments he made on Twitter. Fazil Say, who has played with the Full version (available... Read More

Middle Eastern Law Toolbox
Posted on 3 Jan 2011 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff (ME)

Welcome to LexisNexis Middle Eastern Law Toolbox, our bazaar which highlights legal content of particular Middle Eastern nations in our database. New to working in the region? Our Guide to International Legal Research chapter on the Middle East... Read More

Turkish parliament debates constitutional change
Posted on 19 Apr 2010 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff

ANKARA Turkey - (APINTL) Turkey's parliament began debating Monday a series of amendments to the Constitution that are fiercely contested by opposition parties who say the Islamic-oriented government's proposals are aimed at diluting the powers... Read More

Turkey seeks to condemn Israel in security summit
Posted on 8 Jun 2010 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff

ISTANBUL - (AP) A summit for a 20-member security group for the Asian region kicked off Monday in Istanbul with Turkey seeking to condemn Israel for a raid that killed nine Turks on a pro-Palestinian aid flotilla that had attempted to break the blockade... Read More

The New Developments in the Area of Turkish Commercial Law: The Draft Turkish Commercial Code
Posted on 3 Nov 2010 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff

by Şebnem Işık Excerpt: The Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) has been in force since 1957, while most European countries have adopted new codes or amended their regulations in accordance with economic developments throughout the world. Because the... Read More

Sanver on Turkey/Italy and Turkey/Spain Prevention of Double Taxation Treaties
Posted on 5 Mar 2010 by Ali I Sanver

In this Emerging Issues commentary, Dr. Ali I. Sanver of Pekin & Pekin discusses Articles 23/4 and 22/1/d of the Turkey/Italy and Turkey/Spain prevention of double taxation treaties. He analyzes whether these articles will offer a unique opportunity... Read More