Labor and Employment Law

Katherine G. Rigby and Asha A. Santos of Ogletree Deakins in Boston Shares Her Insights on Various Employment Law Issues

Employee Evaluations

Why should employers conduct employee valuations?  What are the risks of poorly drafted performance evaluations?  What should employers do to avoid when they are in the position of giving a negative review?  Who should conduct an employee's evaluation?    

The Americans with Disabilities Act

What should an employer do when an employee comes forward with a request for accommodation under the ADA?  What assumptions should an employer make?  What types of comments or questions should they avoid?   What triggers an employer's obligations? 

Analyzing ADA Accommodations

How does an employer assess whether a specific job function is critical to the performing the job?  What kinds of questions should the employer ask?  What kind of documents should be reviewed?   Once an accommodation has been made, then what? 

Employee Drug Testing

What are the rules around employee drug testing in Massachusetts?  What have the courts there had to say?   What kind of notice is required?  What limits are in place to protect employee privacy? 

Family & Medical Leave Act

When is an employee eligible for leave under the Family & Medical Leave Act?   What should Massachusetts employers know?  What about recent amendments relating to military activity?