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Whistleblowing in Michigan: the Michigan Supreme Court Goes on the Record
Posted on 14 Feb 2013 by John Holmquist

To say that employees have had a difficult time in pursuing claims under the Michigan Whistleblowers' Protection Act would be an understatement. I did an article on the court of appeals' decisions, the vast majority of which are unpublished... Read More

An End Run Around Michigan's Right to Work Law? Not So Fast.
Posted on 18 Feb 2015 by John Holmquist

Michigan's right to work law was passed and signed in December of 2012. The law did not go into effect until March 28, 2013. The law contains a provision which states that collective bargaining agreements("CBA") with union security clauses... Read More

Employment at Will in Michigan's Public Sector
Posted on 3 Jan 2014 by John Holmquist

The University of Michigan was sued for discrimination based on sexual preference by a law professor who was denied tenure. The claim for breach of breach of an implied contract was based in part on the university's policy statements concerning non... Read More

The second most important election for Michigan employers in November
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 by John Holmquist

The Presidential election is the most important for employers from the perspective of labor and employment law. The party controlling the White House also will determine the agendas of the EEOC, the NLRB, and the Department of Labor. The significance... Read More

Take My Word for It...Not in Michigan
Posted on 10 Oct 2013 by John Holmquist

Can a plaintiff survive summary disposition in a case under the Michigan Whistleblowers' Protection Act where the only evidence to support his claim is his deposition testimony that the company told him in a meeting his protected activity was the... Read More

Whistleblowers in Michigan: whistling in the wind?
Posted on 11 Sep 2012 by John Holmquist

The Whistleblowers' Protection Act ("WPA") was enacted in 1980 and requires an action to be filed within 90 days of the occurrence that is the basis of the claim. The elements of a claim are not complicated; to recover, an employee must... Read More

More Than Words: Defending Michigan Whistleblowers' Claims
Posted on 3 Mar 2015 by John Holmquist

Plaintiffs who sued under the Michigan Whistleblowers' Protection Act had a difficult time surviving summary disposition motions in the trial court or sustaining a verdict in the court of appeals. Frequently the issue focused on whether the plaintiff... Read More