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Compensable Working Time : FLSA :: Disability : Pre-2009 ADA
Posted on 15 Oct 2015 by Jon Hyman

Think back to when you took your SATs, many years ago—number-2 pencils, plastic school chairs and laminate-topped desks, florescent lights, nervous sweat, and, the bane of many a high-schooler, the analogies that comprise so much of the SAT’s... Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Holds Security Screening Time Is Not Compensable
Posted on 9 Dec 2014 by Bajeerah LaCava

WASHINGTON, D.C. — (Mealey’s) The time warehouse workers spend waiting to undergo and actually undergoing security screenings is not compensable under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruled this morning ... Read More

Supreme Court Unanimously Rules That Security Screening Time Is Not Compensable
Posted on 9 Dec 2014 by Robin Largent

Today the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Busk v. Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. , unanimously holding that time warehouse employees spent waiting to go through security checks and undergoing those checks at the end of their shift was not... Read More

#SCOTUS Unanimously Holds That Post-Work Security Checks Are Unpaid
Posted on 10 Dec 2014 by Jon Hyman

Integrity Staffing Solutions v. Busk asks the question of whether the FLSA entitles hourly employees to be paid for post-shift time spent undergoing mandatory security screenings. The case was brought by two employees of a warehousing company with employee... Read More