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The Practical Catches Up with the Theoretical: The Current Status of Texas Indemnity Law
Posted on 13 May 2010 by Thomas Fox

Today most Texas practitioners understand the need to expressly set out the types of negligence they wish to receive or give indemnity upon to an indemnitee. They also understand, and most generally comply with the requirement for conspicuousness... Read More

Battle of The Forms in Texas
Posted on 21 Jul 2010 by Thomas Fox

Most parties believe that whichever business sends the final form is the one left standing and therefore should be the controlling form for legal purposes if a dispute arises. However a more detailed analysis of Texas case law interpreting its adopted... Read More

You Can Take My Word For It....At Least For Now
Posted on 24 Jul 2014 by John Holmquist

In Klein v. HP Pelzer Automotive Systems, Inc. , the Michigan court of appeals reversed the lower court's grant of summary disposition on the claim that the employer breached an express contract to pay severance [a n enhanced version of this opinion... Read More