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Florida Retail Federation Supports Wage Theft, Loses Argument
Posted on 20 Apr 2012 by Donna Ballman

If big corporations wonder why average Americans think they're pond scum, they need look no further than the recent efforts of the Florida Retail Federation in favor of allowing companies to steal your wages. That's right. The Florida Retail... Read More

This Is Real Law: True Crime: Examining the Scourge of Wage Theft in America
Posted on 16 Dec 2014 by Real Law Editorial Team

Scott Greenfield’s popular legal blog Simple Justice is published with a disclaimer. Alongside articles that comment on current issues related to criminal defense, the New York City-based attorney, counsellor at law and esteemed legal analyst declares... Read More

Revisiting the Misnamed and Misunderstood Term "Wage Theft"
Posted on 24 Apr 2014 by Jon Hyman

Yesterday, on his always excellent Connecticut Employment Law Blog, Dan Schwartz wrote a post entitled, “Wage Theft”: The Trendy Phrase That May Not Mean What You Think It Means . Dan wrote: [T]he use of the phrase is being pushed to push... Read More

Stopping Wage Theft Easier Said Than Done
Posted on 24 Nov 2014 by State Net

by Rich Ehisen When Dana's boss first told her he wanted her to call the staff of their newly-minted medical office in a small California town together for an afternoon meeting, she was in no way prepared for the reason he gave her: that from then... Read More