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Is a disclaimer on Twitter sufficient...

Connected member Jason Romrell wants to know if a disclaimer on Twitter is sufficient to protect a lawyer from (1) the unauthorized practice of law and (2) the accidental creation of an attorney-client relationship (or even the expectation of one).

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Will firms succeed in raising rates in 2010?

Connected member John Lipsey asks the community if firms are going to succeed in collecting higher rates this year in light of the overall economy.

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Law Department Benchmarking Survey

Connected member John Lipsey wants to know how legal departments are building high performance teams and measuring their successes.

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Tips for In-house Counsel and Law Firms to Succeed

Connected member E. Leigh Dance asks The Improving Inside Counsel - Outside Counsel Relationships Worldwide Group to exchange tips on how in-house counsel and law firms can succeed in the global legal services market today.

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Virtual Law Firm Event - End of March 2010

Martindale-Hubbell Connected Community Manager Mike Mintz wants to know what members of the Virtual Law Firms Group would like to see discussed during next month's Virtual Law Firms event.

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